In January 1994, heart-broken over the growing divorce rate, the drug and alcohol problems, and deteriorating families within the Christian community, the Whalen family began an exciting adventure to establish a ministry focused on helping hurting families--families who had lost their bearings among the competing priorities of career, possessions, and pleasure; families whose lives were disconnected, disoriented, and destructive; families who needed to escape the busyness of their daily routines to refocus on the important rather than the urgent.


Rollie and Vicki Whalen launched Shiloh Family Ministries in October 2000, bringing to reality an almost seven-year vision for strengthening and rebuilding our nation's families. In May 2001, the Whalens were formally commissioned by Community Bible Church in San Diego as missionaries to our nation's families. The Whalens have been team-teaching youth and adult Bible studies, parenting and marriage enrichment seminars in local churches for more than 20 years. 

Although the long-term vision of this ministry focuses on the enhancement of a safe and secluded retreat environment for families at Camp Kerr Lake the Whalens continue to partner with local churches in the nearby Virginia and North Carolina areas to offer their Bible-based parenting seminar, Growing Godly Families, and marriage enrichment seminar, Growing Godly Marriages.